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Next Club TT
Sunday 29th March at 11.00 am on the K11/5B at Willoughby.

Next Committee Meeting

9th March 2020.
8 pm Tueday 4th February 2020 at Dunchurch Village Hall.

Please note that helmets & rear lights are compulsary for all riders in our club TTs. Front lights are recommended.

It's 2020 and time to renew your membership!

We've kept our fees frozen for 2020, possibly the lowest membership fees for a cycling club we know of. Full membership is £10, or £5 for retirees, even less for some students. You can pay anyway you like, with PayPal being the most popular. You don't need a PayPal account, just click on PayPal at the top of this page. See below for more details on fees.

Club Clothing

As announced at our Awards Evening we have transferred to NoPinz as our clothing supplier. This will allow members to order clothing direct, thus eliminating the need for the club to carry expensive stock. Just go to the NoPinz website to view our kit. To order you will need a password, contact Ollie BIlling on


As we move from Endura to Nopinz we are selling off our stock of Endura kit at a 30% discount. Go to Discounted Clothing to see what's available. To purchase any of these items contact Ollie BIlling on

Annual General Meeting Tuesday 4th February

Our AGM is to be held at Dunchurch Village Hall on Tuesday 4th February at 8 pm. Ollie Billing will bring some of the Endura clothing being offered at a 30% discount. Go to Discounted Clothing to see what's available.

An Agenda will appear here shortly.

Membership and TT Entry Fees

Entry fees for our club TTs are £3.50 per ride, with £4 for private trials. We subsidise U-18s still in education by charging £2 per ride. From these entry fees we pay a levy of £3 per ride to the CTT. See Fees for more information. You can pay your membership fees via PayPal, or by cheque, or even cash! Full membership is £10 or £5 for retirees, so you can pay any combination of these with a single payment up front to cover membership, a season's TTs (£59) and refreshments (£4).

Sign up to Rugby Lotto and support Rugby RCC

Subscribe to Rugby Lotto and support Rugby RCC or any other good cause of your choosing. It costs just £1 per week per ticket and 50% goes to your nominated good cause.You could win £25,000 - find out more by going o Rugby Lotto to sign up for a direct debit.

Results of Club 50 TT held 8th Sepember

It was a win for Oliver Billing on the K10/50 course at Princethorpe. Go to Results for all the details, or you can go to Results Index to see an index to all ourevents. Go to Tables to see the final points, or a separate listing of the Vets (& Women's) tables. As this is the last opportunity before the engraving takes place, send any challenges or questions to

Season's Vet on Standard results have been calculated, based on best 4 x 10s and 2 x 25s, with 16 riders qualifying.

Index to results of Previous Years updated

Results of Rugby RCC Open 10 - Saturday 27th July 2019

Our open 10 resulted in a win for James Garrett of Rugby Velo and Linda Hubbard in the womens category. There was rain throughout the morning which eased just before the start, but by then many competitors had decided not to ride. There were 45 starters, with 62 opting out, but the event went ahead and everyone finished safely. Go to results for all the information, including pictures of the winners of the mens and womens events.


All riders in Rugby RCC Club events should wear a helmet and have a working rear light. Also we strongly advise the use of a front light, though not compulsary, The club will have a couple of spare lights available to anyone who forgets. Anyone not conforming will not be able to ride.

New booking system goes Live!

Despite a few early teething troubles the new system is now operational. For an explanation go to booking system to see how it works. If you've read the message and are ready to go, then click on the link to 'Club TT Bookings' at the top of this page

Results of Interclub event - Friday 21st June

It was another win for Rugby Velo by a margin of 1:43 to bring the score to 11-6 in favour of Rugby RCC. Go to Interclub Results to see all the times and go to previous years to see the history of the event.

Results of MalloryPark 3-Up Team Time Trial Monday 8th July

A enjoyable event and the weather held firm. Go to TTT Results to see the times for all 27 teams that took part.


We've gathered up all the technical atticles we've posted in recent years and put them together on one page. Go to technology to remind you what you could be doing.

Club Captain

The Committee decided to restore the role of Club Captain and asked Dave Elliott to take this on. Read Dave's message to our members.

Riding Open Time Trials

You may not have ridden an open event and are wondering what's involved and how to enter. Go to riding open TTs to find out more.

Bike Safety

A comprehenive guide to safety has been provided by This has been added to our page Useful Links

Club Committee & Volunteers

We aim to raise its profile of the club and the committee should be more identifiable. We've started this process and hope to expand it to include volunteers and helpers who are so essential to the running of the club. Go to committee to see how this page is progressing.

Lost property

( Left after club time trials )
A blue (Met) cycling helmet
A black T-shirt with Rugby Triathlon 2010 logo,
A pair of black & grey 'Madison' gloves
A grey hooded-top
Two pairs of sun glasses

Can you be seen?

No apologies for repeating this message from last year. Gloomy evenings show many riders would benefit from a front light. Timekeeping at the finish reinforces this message and it's easy to see how an oncoming motorist could miss a cyclist travelling in the opposite direction. Modern lights don't add much weight and could save a big repair bill, (or even your life). We have spare lights which riders can borrow if they forget.

Leisure Clothing

We now have hooded tops, with club logo embroidered, available in S, M, L, XL & XXL at £16 each.
Here's our polo shirts, with club logo embroidered, available in S, M, L & XL at £10 each.
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