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Diary Dates>
  • Next Club TT
    Wednesday 28th June at 19.00 on the K11/10T at Thurlaston. (sign-on at rear of Rimo Growrers, near M45 island)
  • Inter-club TT Friday 23rd June - see below for details.
  • Next Committee meeting
    Monday 26th June.
  • Mallory Park Club TTT Monday 24th July 19.00
  • Rugby RCC Open TT
    Saturday 29th July 14.00
  • Presentation Evening
    Friday 20th October

Inter-club TT

Friday is the annual inter-club TT between Rugby RCC and Rugby Velo. Usual rules to count, ie. everyone pays £2 (the levy), course K10/10F, aggregate of first 6 riders to count, no limit on number of entrants (subject to police limit of 60). Sign-on at top of caravan hill.

Apologies as booking system should not have been activated for this event and bookings have been closed. Entries for 28th June are now available.

Mallory Park 3-Up Team Time Trial

This to be held at Mallory Park race circuit on Monday 24th July. Click here for details and to download an entry form. There's now a set of rules for riders - please read before the event.

There are several private teams keen to enter so Rugby RCC members should enter quickly, else they'll be finishing in the dark!

Latest Results

Another win for Craig McKee on the K11/10B at Braunston. Go to results for the details, including the new age cats, and click on Tables for the on-going points competition or Vets Tables to see who's heading the age categories.


Mashalling has been a problem on the most popular courses, so the committee has decided that volunteering for events on the K10/10 and K11/10T courses will count double!

Wind Predictions

Craig McKee has added our club TT events to MYWindsock predictions. Follow the link: MyWindSock

Can you be seen?

No apologies for repeating this message from last year. Recent gloomy evenings show many riders would benefit from a front light. Timekeeping at the finish reinforces this message and it's easy to see how an oncoming motorist could miss a cyclist travelling in the opposite direction. Modern lights don't add much weight and could save a big repair bill, (or even your life). We have spare lights which riders can borrow if they forget.

New Age Categories for 2017 Season

For the 2017 club TT season the Committee are proposing a new age related system for Vets. Check if your name is in the correct category, if not please inform us on

Take a look at the Age Cat proposals.- any feedback would be welcome.

Velo Atelier

The talk on 18th Jan was attended by 32 people. These are the benefits from VeloAtelier that club members are entitled to:

  • 5% off complete bikes
  • 10% off custom frame-sets (when built into complete bikes)
  • £15 off an initial bike-fit assessment (normal price currently £75)
  • 10% off any accessories required during Bikefitting.
  • £10 off any second set of Custom moulded insoles (normal price £60)
  • Exclusive quarterly promotions
  • Free quarterly cleat and bike-fit clinic for juniors

Renewing your Membership

Please note that Chris Parsons has taken over membership from Dave Aires (see contacts).

You can pay by PayPal, or by cash or cheque to the membership secretary. As before, you can pay for membership, the season's TTs and teas with a single payment (£58)

Please don't renew through the British Cycling on-line system as payment can take a few weeks to come through and we wrongly accuse our members of not renewing.

Our fees remain as last year, except the status of Juniors/Students has been clarified.

2017 AGM

The AGM was held on Wednesday 8th February at Dunchurch Village Hall. Once again, a disappointing attendance, but click here to see those serving on the new committee.

Upgrades to handicaps

A minor change to the handicapping involving the carryover times from last year so as to put more emphasis on this year's times. To understand how it works go to handicaps explained.

2016 Club TT Season - all the results

Go to the Points Table to see the final positions, or click on 2016 Index to see the list of events and the results. Also check out the 2016 Vet on Standard table.

If you train with power, accurate analysis is essential. We've managed to agree a 20% discount on the Training Peaks Athlete Premium Edition for club members. Training Peaks Premium allows you to train smarter, not harder. Log your workouts; plan your season; and analyse your heart rate, power, pacing and other data. Make analyse based decisions and measure your fitness over time using your Training Stress Score (TSS), the Performance Management Chart and a range of other tools. You can also access your Training Peaks account on Android, iPhones or on the web. To get the discount code contact Craig McKee on 07763860079 or

Disc Wheel Stickers

Now available - disc wheel valve hole stickers with club logo at £1 per set of 4. - see Chris Parsons.

Enjoy cycling around the lanes near Grandborough?

Then not for much longer if the plan to build 1500 houses goes ahead. Or you could join the local residents' protest - read more!

Endura Clothing

Following the recent AGM Chris Parsons has taken over club clothing sales and this will include the Endura clothing, together with any previous Impsport and hooded tops. See contacts for Chris's contact details.

To see what's available in our new
Endura range go to Endura clothing

Cash or cheques to Rugby RCC, or if you would prefer to pay by bank transfer ask Roman or Laurie Bird for the account details.

Leisure Clothing

We now have hooded tops, with club logo embroidered, available in S, M, L, XL & XXL at £16 each.

Here's our polo shirts, with club logo embroidered, available in S, M, L & XL at £10 each.

Riders' Numbers

Note comment in recent report: "Riders who only fasten their number at the top probably don't realise that it flaps around and makes it unreadable for the timekeepers. Definitely a case of mistaken identity waiting to happen." Apart from using all 4 pins you might consider this solution:

Contact Craig McKee who has obtained a 15% discount for club members.

Of Course, calling out your number also helps!

Ever thought about a bike fitting? This is about making the bike fit the rider instead of the other way round! Go to All3Motion Bike Fitting for details.

Club member Neill Coventry has opened his new shop in Oxford. Click on ubyk for more information.


Interclub Results

A win for Rugby RCC making it 10-4 in the series. It was a record lowest aggregate for Rugby RCC and the fastest time was set by Craig McKee.

Go to Interclub 2016 for all the details, including times of guest riders, or go to Interclub History to see previous times.

The booking system closes at 4 pm prompt on the day of the event, but it's still possible to enter at the event if there are spaces. If you're unable to make it please remember to cancel so that someone else can move up the order.


Lost property - Left after club time trials -
A blue (Met) cycling helmet
A black T-shirt with Rugby Triathlon 2010 logo,
A pair of black & grey 'Madison' gloves
A grey hooded-top
Two pairs of sun glasses

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