Rugby RCC PayPal Account

Want to avoid the £1 transaction fee every time you pay money to our club through the British Cycling system? Apart from the £1 fee you have to pay to BC it can be a few weeks before the money arrives in the club's bank account and sometimes there's a delay before we receive a confirmatory email.

We have been granted a 'not-for-profit' status for our PayPal account, meaning that the club pays a fee of 1.4 % + 20p on all transactions, about a third of that charged for businesses.

If you have your own PayPal account you just enter the club's email address: as the recipient.

If you've not used PayPal before you can click on the PayPal button above. Once on the PayPal page it should display the club's email address

NB. Fees for 2016 are unchanged - go to fees for all the details.

Please don't use PayPal when entering our open time trial through the CTT on-line system. These require a direct electronic payment and you could end up paying twice.