Club Fees

The Covid crisis has hit the CTT very hard in 2020, since a major part of its income comes from levies on rides. To claw back the situation the CTT board has made a decision to increase the levy on club events from £3 to £4, only two years after an increase from £2 to £3. We understand the reasons for this, but feel it will have a serious impact on rider numbers and may even result in a reduction in income. After some consideration the Rugby RCC Committee have decided that our priority as a cycling club is to promote a safe, healthy sport with maximum rider participation, hence we are prepared to take a hit by freezing entry fees for 2021, funding any deficit from our reserves. Thus our club TT entry fees will be as follows:

Fee per ride
Senior Club members (over 18)
Private entries
Private entries U-18
Juveniles/Junior members still in education
Members over 18 still in education

Please note that riders choosing to pay for a single event by PayPal will have to pay £3.75 as we have to pay 25p commission on this amount. For anything above £10 by PayPal we will waive the commission charge.

For members wishing to pay for the season's TTs up front the cost will remain at £59.

Other fees will remain as follows:

£10 Full member, £5 unwaged (eg. student, unemployed, pensioner), £1 under-18 & still in education.

Refreshments at club TTs:
20p. on the night - Season £4

Note: It is is club policy to subsidise young members where possible

If you wish to pay one transaction for membership (£10), Season's TTs (£59) & refreshments (£4) the total will remain at £73. If you have fees carried over from 2020 then go to 2021 payments to see how much you should pay.