Rugby RCC Committee Members & Volunteers

Martin Orrill (Chairman)

Has enjoyed ridng Rugby RCC Time Trials since 2002 and still trying to get faster! Previously enjoyed marathons and triathlons until his knees gave up under the strain!

John Brothers (Secretary)

John is the club secretary and has been a member since 2009. He was born in 1952 and still hopes to break 30 mins for 10 miles. Outside cycling his interests are walking, travel and languages.

Laurie Bird (Treasurer)

Retired engineer, joined the club in 1992 originally as a supportive parent, but soon became involved in timekeeping & recording, Been open event organiser since 1998 and set up the club website in 2002.

Phil Scott (Membership)

Cyclist and triathlete for quite a while now! Road raced as a school boy and junior. Recently accredited & raced track nights at Derby Velodrome. Returned to time trialing in 2006. Still likes to warm up with a swim and cool down with a run.

Alan Saitch (Press)

Joined the club in 1970 after coming to Rugby from Norfolk to work for Fords at Daventry untill his retirement. A keen social cyclist he is a regular member of the Wednesday TT timekeeping team and is also the press officer for the club.

Kelly Thurman

Matt Plant

Has been riding time trials since he broke his leg about 10 years ago (he doesn't admit how this happened), A keen cricketer who enjoys riding time trials for fun and is happy to give anyone advice on courses to ride (done quite a few opens locally and nationally) but not for mechanical advice - admits to being completely clueless!!

Angus Gordon

Angus was a games player for many years until the usual knee problems arose from running, coming to cycling relatively late in life. He has thoroughly enjoyed the experience and has met some great people that have now become good friends.

Jason Baggett

Was a passionate teenage cyclist which was overshadowed when cars came along at 17. Rediscovered the cycling passion years later when introduced to Time Trials... Now completely infected by the love of suffering up steep Alpine mountain passes with the reward of descending the other side at silly speeds.

Peter Wright
Paul Thurman (Club Clothing Manager)