Vet on Standard explained

Those familiar with time trialling, especially those of a certain age, will know how Vet on Standard works. For those new to it, here's a brief description.

The Veterans' Time Trials Association (VTTA) devised tables of age-related times over standard distances, ie 10-miles, 25-miles, 50-miles & 100-miles. This is because we all slow down as we get older, but it's possible to have a target whatever your age. The standards for women originally used the same tables, only with an 8 year adjustment applied, but the latest standards are derived from statistical analysis of many events and no longer use the 8-year offset. There are even standards for tricycles, tandems and tandem trikes. Results are shown as the amount of time a rider beats his or her standard (+) or is behind the standard (-), thus allowing an even competition in an event, irrespective of age or gender.

Rugby RCC Club Events
We use the VTTA tables to calculate Vet on Std results in our club events where the distance is 10 miles or 25 miles. This means that we can have a Vet on Std competition in approximately 18 of our evening TTs. We have an award each season for the best Vet on Std overall by adding together the + or - times from the best 4 x 10-mile TTs and the best 2 x 25-mile TTs.

To see results of our Vet on Standard competition since 1994 go to Vet on Std Index.