Rugby Racing Cycling Club
Time Trials at
Mallory Park

Since 2017 Rugby RCC has run a 3-up Team Time Trial at the Mallory Park racing circuit and in 2022 we added a 1-up Time Trial as a separate event. The attraction is that riders are able to experience riding on a perfect surface, completely free of motor vehicles.

Since 2019 we have introduced electronic timing which has increased costs, but worth it to the competitors as it provides precise times live at the event.

The 3-up events we have run as 8 laps of the full circuit, whereas the individual 1-up comprises 10 laps of the 'oval' version, ie. without the hairpin loop. Both these versions are approximately 10 miles.

So far we have promoted these events under CTT rules as type 'B' events, (ie. club events), despite the temptation to run them as an open (type A) event which would probably bring in a larger entry, but we believe the format we've adopted provides more flexibility in allowing entries up to the day of the event and is slightly cheaper on entry fees.

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