Directions to Mallory Park

Mallory Park is about 22 miles from Rugby. The postcode is LE9 7QE.

Most people will probably travel through Hinckley . You might try the slightly shorter route throgh Barwell, but the Hinckley route is simpler.

Take the A447 out of Hinckley (signpost Ashby).

Proceed through the village of Stapleton and about a mile further on there is a right turn to Kirkby Mallory (Bosworth Road).

Follow the lane to Mallory Park, you are looking for the competotors entrance.

Follow the route through to the carpark which is close to the Shaws hairpin on the track. This is where you should park, do not attempt to drive down to the pits.

Only officials' cars will be allowed down to the pits as they will be carrying equipment.

You should ride (or walk) down to the pits area on the actual race track.

Take care if you arrive after 6pm as riders will be warming up on the circuit.

Do not walk or ride in the gravel traps as these have been prepared for motor racing.