Rugby RCC
A Short Guide to Marshalling

We have a healthy volunteer system for marshalling, but everyone should note a few essential guidelines:
  1. Arrive in good time - ideally about 30 minutes before the event is due to start - 2 minutes before is too late.
  2. Wear a hi-viz jacket and stand where riders and other road users can see you.
  3. Use the red flag for pointing and only wave it to warn cyclists. We are not supposed to wave the flag at motorists (except in dire emergency).
  4. Report any incidents to the race organiser even if there are no casualties. Note essential details if another road user is involved.
  5. Have a phone with you so you can phone for help if there's an accident.
  6. If there's a problem use the club's WhatsApp group to inform everyone involved in the event.
  7. To be added to our club WhatsApp group please use the following link: