Club Events post Lockdown

The CTT have now revised the season's start date to 15th July, meaning that our normal club season is reduced to 9 events. In order to minimise potential spread of Covid-19 and as far as possible respect the 2m rule we intend to alter the way we run the remaining events of the 2020 season. Both 1st and 2nd claim members can enter. This is how it will work:

  1. Numbers
    Club members will be issued with 'squad numbers' which will be worn for the rest of the season. Go to numbers to see your own number. Numbers are considered a major virus spreader so the least handling the better. Riders will retain them and wear them until the season end. Riders can enter events through the booking system as before, choosing any available number which will be their actual start number. They will then have to remember their number for that event.
    Note: It is a CTT rule that riders should wear numbers and, being fluorescent, if worn correctly they are an added safety feature.
  2. Signing-on
    Signing-on is a CTT requirement, but is another potentially hazardous business as close proximity is unavoidable. We will have a single form for each rider containing a list of all the remaining events for riders to sign in advance. To download it go to signing-on form. Ideally download the form, sign it and return it electronically to . Alternatively bring it to the first TT.
    Riders should not arrive more than 20mins before start time.
    Hand-sanitiser to be available at sign-on
    No items to be stored safely during event, eg "can you just put my waterproof/keys/bottle in your car till I finish" - no we cannot!

  3. Payments
    We want to eliminate cash payments so PayPal is the obvious answer.
    You don't need a PayPal account, just go to PayPal on our homepage.
    Riders can pay by PayPal, ideally lumpimg payments together as we pay less commission that way.Each individual event costs £3.50 or
    for the rest of the season: ie. £22.13 (ie. 9/24 of £59).
    Riders who have already paid upfront for the season to be credited with £36.87 for next season (ie. 15/24 of £59).
    No refunds to be given for membership. (For info on Teas - see below).
  4. Marshalling
    Marshals will be required as normal, but special provisions are required. For a more detailed explanation go to marshalling.
    Marshals should ideally wear face covering when in close contact with others and bring their own fluorescent jackets/clothing or similar.
  5. Starting
    There will be no pushers-off. Start timekeeper to maintain 2m distance.
  6. The Finish
    Riders to call out their race number at the finish (NOT the number they are wearing).
    Riders should not stop at the finish and ask for their times as we do not want riders congregating at the finish. (just add 10 secs to the time on the Garmin!)
    No congregating after the event as no results or sneak previews will be given at the end of the ride.
    After the event we will display a photo of the provisional results via the RRCC WhatsApp group. The official results to be available on the website the following day.
  7. Refreshments
    No refreshments at the finish. Riders who have paid upfront for season's teas to be credited with full £4 for next season's teas.
  8. PPE
    The club will provide PPE for people involved in running the event.
  9. Private Entries
    Because of the close proximity risks in processing private entries we will not accept private entries for the remainder of the 2020 season. Go to private entries for he reasons and for other options.
  10. Officials
    The committee have the right to disqualify or bar members who do not follow the rules.