Marshalling at Rugby RCC Club Events

In what remains of the 2020 season everyone should volunteer to marshal at least once. The Coronavirus guidelines require us to change our usual procedures, so please take note of the following:

  1. Hi-Viz jackets - We can't hand these out and take them back every week as before since they could be carrying a virus. Ideally take the jacket home and either wash it or at least let it hang outdoors for at least 24 hours and then return it the following week. Of course, even better to have your own, or even wear something florescent that is going to catch the eye.
  2. Flags - These could be a problem as again they could be a means of carrying the virus. Unfortunately our flags are stapled to the stick so cannot be removed and washed separately. Take it home and wipe the stick and again let it hang for at least 24 hours and then return it the following week.
  3. PPE - Please wear a face mask when you are inter-acting with other people, particularly at the start. If you do not have one the club will have some available at the start.
  4. Because of the provisions outlined in 1 & 2 above you do not need to report back to the start/finish after the event. The only exception will be if you have an incident to report.
  5. Volunteering - It would be helpful if we know in advance who is going to offer their services. You can record your willingness on the booking system, or through WhatsApp, or email
  6. Duties - This will normally involve standing at a strategic junction or potential traffic hazard. We will not be using pushers-off, but may ask for a volunteer to marshal riders at the start where we're on a busy road. We may also ask a volunteer to help with the timekeeping, keeping a social distance of course. We try to communicate with marshals through the the club WhatsApp group, so if you're not already on it ask Ollie Billing to include you. Last season we started a system of using WhatsApp to let everyone know the number of the last rider so marshals knew when they could return. This seemed to work quite well.
  7. First time? - Don't be concerned, its just common sense! Stand in a position where oncoming riders can see you and where you can see traffic that the riders can't. If you have a red flag it's to warn the cyclist - remember you're not supposed to wave it at vehicles. If an incident occurs deal with it as you feel appropriate, take note of any names or numbers, and report back to us afterwards.