Rugby Racing Cycling Club
Mallory Park 3-Up Team Time Trial
Rules for Riders

1. All riders to wear an approved helmet & clothing according to CTT regulations.
2. Numbers will be issued when signing-on. All riders must sign-on before entering circuit, even for warming-up.
3. TT-style bikes are allowed.
4. Riders to circulate in a clockwise direction (ie. right-hand circuit).
5. Warming up 6 pm until 6.50 pm. Track to be cleared at this time.
6. Rider briefing at 6.55 pm.
7. First team off at 7.01 pm.
8. Teams will start at 2-minute intervals.
9. Start from pit lane. Pushers-off will be in attendance.
10. Teams to keep to right hand side of road at all times, even on left hand bends, with definitely no cutting corners.
11. Riders to pull to the left when dropping off the front of the team, then re-attach.
12. Teams to overtake other teams on the left.
13. Onus is on overtaking team at all times.
14. Do not walk or ride in the gravel traps - we could get charged if they have to be repaired.
15. Teams passing start should give ample room to starting teams exiting pit lane on right hand side.
16. Take care at hairpin - remember, keep right, overtake on left.
17. Finish line is marked on circuit, close to start location.
18. Finish time is based on 3rd rider (ie. all 3 riders in team have to finish to be classed in results).
19. After finishing teams should proceed on course to pits entrance on right hand side at end of back straight (definitely no U-turns).
20. Organisers will disqualify any team which does not conform to above rules.

All cars to be parked at the top car park. No cars to be allowed to drive on the circuit, except officials involved in setting up.

Click here for directions to Mallory Park and car parking arrangements