New for the 2020 Season! - The Strava Challenge

The Club Committee has agreed to resurrect two club challenges for the 2020 season.
(a). The Messrs Boswell and Carvell Trophy will be presented to the member who rides the greatest distance in 12 hours.
(b). The 24 Hour Trophy will be presented to the member who rides the greatest distance in 24 hours. Last presented to Marina Bloom in 2002 for her ride covering 424.76 miles (approx. 680km).

Given the most recent announcements by BC and CTT about the postponement of organised events we want to give our members the opportunity to compete for some of our 2020 awards by riding at home. As our season is now unlikely to commence until July 1st 2020 at the earliest, the committee has decided to include indoor rides in the Strava 12 hour and 24 hour challenges

Here are the rules:

  1. The challenges will be measured using the Strava app and awarded to the member who rides the furthest distance in kilometres (as this is the standard Strava unit of measurement) in any 12 hour or 24 hour period.
  2. The rider can use a road or TT bike (once distance outdoor riding is again permissible as notified by BC and/or CTT) or an indoor turbo trainer or rollers or a custom exercise bike such as those from Wattbike or similar.
  3. The rider is free to choose their medium for recording the ride, ie bike computer or bike app or direct to Strava, but ultimately the ride must be uploaded to Strava and notified to Martin Orrill or John Brothers.
  4. The rider can take any number of breaks they want (or none) but the ride must be completed within one 12 or 24 hour period.
  5. The rider must have paid their RRCC membership fee before the ride commences.
  6. The rider must have the Strava app and be a member of the RRCC Strava Club, for which Club Chairman Martin Orrill is now the administrator. Both are free to join.
  7. The committee will consider whether the distance has been fairly ridden and ignore any rides that may have been assisted, eg unusually high speed over the distance (car, motorbike, electric bike!)
  8. The ride or rides must take place between 4th April and September 13th 2020 in order to give the committee time to agree the winner(s) and prepare the trophies, which will be presented at awards night on Friday 20th November.
  9. Men and women riders will be put in the same category. One trophy only for 12 and 24 hour rides.
  10. The Committee will publish the leading distances on a regular basis so that riders can see what the current benchmark is and try to beat it.
  11. As in all things the Committee's decision is final.

If riders have any questions please contact Martin or John.

V3 - Updated 4/4/20