Rugby Racing Cycling Club


The Club has an obligation to provide a duty of care to protect all children (and vulnerable adults) and to safeguard their welfare, irrespective of age, gender, racial origin, religious belief, sexual identity and any disability.
The Club will take all reasonable practical steps to protect children from harm and discrimination and will respond quickly to all reported suspicions and allegations.
The Club recognises that the key to good practice is having an awareness of the principles required to promote a safe environment. The Club will adopt the Guidance Notes on good practice, poor practice and abuse as set down in the Documents on Child Protection in Cycling and on Vulnerable Adult Protection in Cycling issued by British Cycling from time to time and endorsed by Cycling Time Trials, and other leading national cycling organisations. These policies can be viewed via the following links:
The Committee will be responsible for ensuring suitable procedures exist to meet this policy statement and will appoint a welfare officer to oversee their implementation and provide a point of contact at the club for children, young people and vulnerable adults.
It is the responsibility of every member of the Club to report any concerns about the welfare of any child to the welfare officer.
It is not the responsibility of the welfare officer to determine whether or not abuse has taken place. This is in the domain of child protection professionals, the social services and the police force.

The Club is affiliated to British Cycling (BC) and Cycling Time Trials (CTT). It is the responsibility of the welfare officer to report any concerns about the welfare of a child to the designated National Child Protection Officer (NCPO) of British Cycling (BC). The NCPO will be responsible for referring the allegation to the Social Services Department in accordance with the procedures laid down in the Document on Child Protection in Cycling. The welfare officer should also notify the National Secretary of Cycling Time Trials (CTT) of any allegation reported to the NCPO of British Cycling.

British Cycling and all national cycling organisations who are parties to the Document on Child Protection in Cycling have given a commitment that all suspicions will be taken seriously and responded to swiftly and appropriately through laid down suspension, disciplinary and appeals procedures.
The welfare officer shall be responsible for making a detailed report at the time of any disclosure of concern. This information should be written in factual format and avoid any opinion or hearsay. This report should be sent to the NCPO of British Cycling with a copy to the National Secretary of Cycling Time Trials.
Where time is of the essence and the NCPO or the nominated deputy is unavailable, the welfare officer may contact the NSPCC Helpline, the duty officer at Warwickshire County Council Social and Caring Services or Child Protection Personnel within Warwickshire Constabulary.
The welfare officer will also report any instances of abuse to the Club Committee which shall have the power to suspend members of the Club accused of alleged abuse whilst the matter is being investigated by the appropriate authority.

September 2021