Meeting for the K11/10|T Thurlaston course

Members are probably aware that we have scheduled three Wednesday evening events on the K11/10T, known as the Thurlaston course, with the first to be held on 14th April. Our events list shows the meeting point to be Dunchurch Village Hall. For this we have negotiated use of the overflow car park, that is the area set back on the left hand side near the front fence. I must stress that this does not include any use of the main building, including the toilets, it is merely a place to park on a firm surface without interference with any other groups who may be using the hall or main car park for their own purposes, including the cricketers. Most people will regard the VH as being an ideal warm-up/warm-down distance from the start/finish with no U-turns required, so please let's not do anything which might cause annoyance to the VH or local residents. Previously we had met for this course in Windmill Lane which was ok, but not ideal as parking space was limited and sometimes soggy.