Vets list for 2020

Below is the provisional list of 1st Claim riders to be included in the club veterans categories for the coming season. The list is based on ages on 31st March 2020. Please check if your name is in the correct category. The list comprises 1st Claim members who have ridden in the last 2 seasons, so if your name is missing and you intend to ride this season, please let us know. Also if you dispute which category you've been placed in (or anyone else that you're aware of) then again please let us know.

Our rule is, as in previous seasons, that we require a minimum of 3 riders for any one category. Thus, for example, if we had 3 riders over 70 we would have a separate category for them, but sadly we don't as yet so our one over-70 member has to be included in the over-60s. For a category to be valid we need people who actually ride, not merely appear on our list. As last year, if we get 3 female members irrespective of age we will run a women's category. In each category points will be awared after each event and a rider's best 14 events will count.

If you have any questions or queries please contact us on

Age 40-49:
Simon Bull
Pat MacInnes
Jennifer McGillion
Dave Elliott
Jonathan Jordan
Anthony Smith
Vicki Craig
Stuart Sykes
Paul Thurman
Matthew Plant
Naomi Leugs
Richard Wayman
Caroline Read
Ian Usher
Karl Eveleigh
Paul Birch
Andrew Jones
Andy Craig
Age 50-59:
Jason Gibson
David Wright
Mike McGillion
Chris Lodge
Phil Scott
Adrian Tayles
Richard Bray
Andrew Childs
James Gibbs
Duncan Weaver
Brendan Hirst
Richard Stirling
Mark Mackay
Phil Byrne
David Kimberley
Paul Rolfe
Mark Anderson
Peter Wright
Alan James
Judith Harper
Dean Mason
Peter Timmins
Age 60 and over:
Andy Dean
Martin Orrill
Brian Haycock
Howard Beale
Ian Jackson
Keith Hirons
Roland Elsdon
Mark Smith
Simon Brand
Angus Gordon
John Brothers
Tony Johnson
Mike Smallwood