Rugby RCC Age Cats

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1. Tables show riders age category on 31st March 2017. Check that we have your correct age and that you are in the right category.
2. These lists apply only to 1st claim members. If you are listed here and are a 2nd claim member please inform us at

3. If you should have been included and have been left out, please advise a.s.a.p.
4. Apologies if you're in the wrong vategory or shouldn't be here at all !

Age 40 - 49
Age 50 - 59
Age 60 +
Jonathan Jordan
Adrian Tayles
Angus Gordon
Lisa Melvin
Richard Kenworthy
John Brothers
Anthony Smith
Andrew Childs
Tony Johnson
Stuart Sykes
Trevor Wright
Mike Macleod
Paul Thurman
Richard Stirling
Eric Burke
Matthew Plant
Chris Parsons
Mike Smallwood
Naomi Leugs
Phil Byrne
Gary Howes
David Kimberley
Jeremy Featherstone
Paul Rolfe
Richard Wayman
Peter Wright
Caroline Read
Alan James
Ian Usher
Graham Woodcock
James Walker
Judith Harper
Karl Eveleigh
Martin Haggett
Paul Birch
Dean Mason
Roman Matusiak
Peter Timmins
Roy Broomhead
Carl Harrison
Jonathan Cottingham
Andy Dean
Anne Portsmouth
Martin Orrill
Jason Baggett
Brian Haycock
Andy Craig
Howard Beale
Anita Howe
Gary Howes
Shin Braich
Neill Coventry
Chris Lodge
Mark Smith
Phil Scott
Simon Brand