TT Overpayments 2020

Below is a list of members who have overpaid TT entry fees sufficient to cover the Rugby Velo Hill Climb on 26th September, should they decide to enter. The list does not include those people who paid for the season up front at the begetting of 2020 and I'll be dealing with them separately. Whether members opt to ride in the Velo event or not I intend to notify everyone individually that's overpaid and will carry forward any amount to next season. To avoid handling cash anyone else wishing to ride the Velo event should pay the entry fee (£3) to me by PayPal and I'll sort this out with Rugby Velo afterwards.

Laurie Bird (Treasurer)

Greg Ashley
David Mead
Paul Albon
Paul Birch
Tim Crossley
Angus Gordon
David Kimberley
Mike McGillion
Peter Wright
Daniel Clarke
Rebecca Wheaver
Ben Taylor
Richard Green
Jerzy Korzec
Ian Taylor