Rugby RCC
Results & Prizes of 10-mile Open Time Trial held Saturday 27th July 2019 - Course: K11/10T
Promoted for and on behalf of Cycling Time Trials under their Rules and Regulations
Official Timekeepers: Barry Harden & Laurie Bird
Event Secretary: John Brothers 3 Chandlers Row, Brinklow CV23 0LX
Tel. 07492 745949 email:

1st 80 James Garrett Rugby Velo 21-21 £50
2nd 10 Nick Cave Team Lutterworth Cycle Centre 21-26 £40
3rd 65 Paul Guest Worcester St. Johnís CC 21-33 £30
4th 92 Paul Armstrong B38/Cycles in Motion 21-41 £20
5th 85 Mark Bottrill Team Bottrill 21-51 £15
1st 98 Linda Hubbard Welland Valley CC 25-17 £50
2nd 108 Ellie Armstrong Race Rapid 25-22 £40
3rd 19 Josephine Goodwin RugbyTriathlon Club 30-49 £30
4th 49 Jill Morris Hinckley Cycle Racing Club 32-47 £20
5th 118 Rebecca Wheaver Rugby Triathlon Club 34-35 £15
Vet on Standard:
1st 76 Andy Hazell Nova Raiders CC +5-27 £30
2nd 27 Wayne Hughes Hinckley Cycle Racing Club +5-10 £25
3rd 22 Vincent Jenkins +5-04 £20
Age Categories:
40-44 56 Peter Lloyd N+1 Lindfield Coffee Works 21-54 £15
45-49 82 Mark White Mark Whit Coaching RT 22-43 £15
50-54 107 Martin Stanley Worcester St Johnís CC 23-04 £15
55-59 15 Simon Dighton Beacon Roads CC 22-15 £15
60-64 61 Steven Loraine Team Swift 23-03r £15
65-59 102 Richard Coleman Stourbridge Velo 24-13 £15
70+ 93 John Grumbley Coventry Road Club 26-12 £15

Team: Worcester St John's CC : Aggregate 68-25 (Paul Guest, Martin Stanley, Rikky Hughes) £15 each

Nat Youth Championship Qualifying round:
1st Syd Brown (Innovation Racing) 22-07

Please note the above prizes were distributed in accordance with the rules set out in the programme, ie. one prize per rider, excluding team prizes. Where riders are eligible for more than one prize the higher monetary value applies. If the prize value is the same the order of the prize list determines priority.
Age categories are based on age on day of event.

Summary: Of the 107 entrants in the main event there were 45 starters, all of whom finished. There were 62 DNSs of which 34 sent apologies. We understand the heavy rain and difficult road conditions had a major impact on the high number of absentees (58%).

Special thanks to:
Edith Hastie, Val Saitch and the catering team for their consistent high standard
To all members and friends who supplied cakes. Ian Usher for providing the Tour broadcast.
The excellent support of club members who marshalled and helped at HQ
Mark Billing and Ollie Billing who set out the signs and organised the marshals.
Barry Harden for his efficient timekeeping, supported by Peter Timmins & Naomi Leugs.
And thanks to all competitors for making it another successful event