Rugby RCC's 4-Hour Time Trial

Every year Rugby RCC holds a 4-hour time trial in which riders compete for the Mick Taylor Trophy, in memory of a club member who lost his life in a cycling accident in 1983. Later that year Mick's parents gave the club a sum of money to provide a trophy and prize money, in order the event be held annually in his memory. Until his death in 2003 Mick's father Maurice attended the event to present the prizes. Although run as a club time trial guest riders often compete because of its unusual nature. Over the years the prize money has been whittled away, so riders now compete for the honour! The event is held on a Sunday morning, usually in late August or early September, starting at 8.00 am.

The Course
The start is in Dunchurch, opposite the Dunchurch Park Hotel, a few hundred yards from the A45 crossroads. Riders proceed to the A5 and then continue northwards before encircling the "Axe and Compass" island near Wolvey. The return leg takes riders back to Dunchurch and then down the A45 towards Daventry. After encircling the (second) Timken roundabout on the outskirts of Daventry and returning down the A45 riders turn left at Willoughby and proceed to Sawbridge. This is also the 50 mile mark and is where riders turn right onto the 7.25 mile finishing circuit which is based around Sawbridge and Grandborough. Six timekeepers are placed around the finishing circuit, where the number of laps and times of each competitor are recorded. By this means the total distance covered within a rider's 4 hours can be calculated. Unless a rider decides to retire before his or her 4 hours have elapsed it is recommended on completion of 4 hours to proceed to the next timing point, thus enabling the distance after the last timing point to be calculated by interpolation.

Please note:
We must emphasise this is a Club event, not an Open, so there are no marshals on the course. Riders are expected to learn the course in advance and must make their own arrangements to take on refreshments etc.

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