Club Runs

Like most cycling clubs, Rugby RCC holds club runs, generally for those riders who like to ride in company and keep fit at the same time.

Saturday Morning
These runs start at 9.00 am from Lower Hillmorton Road, meet at the front of Star Computers, opposite St Peter's Road. Rides are approx 3 hours at a reasonable pace. Contact either Craig McKee 07763860079 or Simon Bayliss 07976631347. Email addresses are or

Sunday Rides
Regular Sunday rides appear to have been suspended, temporarily or otherwise. Sometimes the Saturday riders also ride on Sundays, so it's worth contacting one of them.

Wednesday Riders
For those wishing to ride on a weekday there is an informal group called the "Wednesday Riders", who ride throughout the year, not surprisingly on Wednesdays. This large group of riders are mainly retired people, many of whom have had a lifetime of cycling and wish to continue for the fun of it. Those not wishing to ride for a full day return home as a small group after "elevenses". The main group generally have a midday stops at a cafe for lunch. To see a comprehensive list of cafes click here. Anyone interested in joining one of these groups should contact: Alan Saitch Tel 01788 812499.