Rugby RCC Club Clothing

This page last updated: 10/1/19

Our current clothing supplier is Endura, a reputable UK company who produce club clothing to our own design (above). The table below shows the items available in the Rugby RCC range:

WT Race Jersey (full zip)
WT Windproof Roubaix Jacket
WT Race Gilet
WT Speedsuit (L.Slv)
WT Speedsuit (S.Slv)
WT Race Bibshorts
WT Summer Bibshorts
WT Aero Overshoes
WT Race Mitts
Road S/S Jersey
Road S/S Jersey Full Zip
Road L/S Jersey Full Zip
Premium S/S Skinsuit
Premium L/S Skinsuit
Premium Bibshorts
Thermal Arm Warmers
Overshoes, ONE SIZE

You can see more information about Endura clothing using this link:

Important: Do not order from this link or you will get plain kit, not Rugby RCC kit if you do!

Ordering Rugby RCC clothing:

  1. A limited amount of clothing stock is available for sale to club members and is held by Paul Thurman. If you want to know more contact Paul on 07879 432977 or email him at

  2. Please review the available kit and sizes using the above link. We have a number of items in stock which are available both to buy and to help with sizing, particularly if you are new to the club kit. Please contact Paul to try or buy.

  3. Once you have decided what you want, please let Paul know and he will add your order and add you as a member so that you can track your order. Please note all orders will be delivered direct to members, so he will need your name, address, and email with the order. This will incur a £5.00 per person P&P charge from Endura, but will simplify the process and avoid you having to come and collect it.

  4. When viewing the link, you will notice that there are many other items available. These all have minimum order numbers, but if 5 people wanted a team bag, for example, then we could include that in the order.

  5. Cheques to be made payable to Rugby RCC or you can pay by PayPal, or even cash.

Note - we also have some polo shirts with the club logo, go to Leisure Wear for details and these are held by the Club Treasurer (Laurie Bird).