Bruce Townsend
25/07/1929 - 12/09/2020

Bruce was the oldest surviving club member, having joined in the late 1940s. He was best known for his exploits in riding long distance time trials which were very popular in the 50s through to the 70s, together with place-to-place record attempts. He has outlived most of his contemporaries, so little detailed information is available. He continued to ride socially until well into his late 70s, despite a serious cycling accident almost 20 years earlier, incurring pelvic injuries which required a number of hip replacement operations. He had always been an active Rugby RCC committee member and became treasurer, chairman and later club president in 2014. He became less active as his eyesight deteriorated, restricting his cycling and ability to drive
As a university educated engineer he worked for Courtaulds, becoming a director and was responsible for building factories in places such as Zambia. John Brothers, our club secretary, knew him in a work context from 1985-87. He says "I worked in his research department at Courtaulds for a couple of years and I remember him arriving at Lockhurst Lane in Coventry by bike from Grandborough in all weathers despite having a rather nice company car. He had a very analytical mind and a keen sense of humour".

Bruce has two sons and a daughter and after his first wife died he later remarried. He and his second wife Angela later moved to a retirement complex in Leamington. We have a Bruce and Angela Townsend trophy which they presented to the club in 2011.