Fancy having a bike fitting? Some of our Rugby RCC members have already been through this process (did you wonder how some of those latest times were achieved?) You can get a flavour of what to expect through this video clip: - Contact details are shown below - also ask about a 15% discount for Rugby RCC members!

This is what Craig McKee says after a recent fitting:

These bike fittings have become more popular of late because the theory is to fit the bike to the rider as opposed to fitting the rider to the what we think is an aerodynamic positioned bike.

You are assessed by a sports therapist where they will test flexibility and core strength etc and given a quick questionnaire about training, injuries, goals etc before being set up on the turbo. Here you cycle first easily and then with increased resistance to simulate a racing environment and your position is dynamically recorded. This again is different to a traditional static measurement where there is lots of room for error due to the tools available.

You will have measurements taken from both sides and this will be analysed and discussed with you before your bike is adjusted and the process repeated. After the second assessment it may be necessary to tweak again to make sure it's near perfect. I dealt with Mike while I was down there and he was patient and most importantly thorough. I definitely didn't feel like his was trying to rush through to get onto the next person but he took his time, explained everything, discussed the changes and then reevaluated.

Here's their contact details:

Katy Simcock
Operations Manager
Multisport Distribution/All3Motion
Tel: 01908 611077
mobile: 07595 392132


Multisport Distribution,
2 Midbrook Court,
Milton Keynes,
MK14 5FH.