To be held at 8.00 pm on Wednesday 7th February 2018 at Dunchurch Village Hall.


1. Apologies for absence
2. Acceptance of previous minutes (8/2/17)
3. Matters arising from previous minutes
4. General Secretary's Report
5. Membership Secretary's Report
6. Racing Secretary's Reports
7. Treasurer's Report
8. Election of President, Vice-Presidents and Life Members.
9. Election of Officers and Committee

General Secretary
Membership Secretary
Racing Secretary
Time Trial Secretary (Club events)
Time Trial Secretary (Open events)
Press Secretary
Ordinary members (to bring committee to 12)

10. Election of Timekeepers and Recorders
11. Racing programme for 2018.
12. Other events in 2018.
13. Motions for rule changes or amendments
14. Any other business
15. Date of 2019 AGM.

2017 Committee members: Peter Wright (Chair), Craig McKee (Secretary), Laurie Bird (Treasurer), Chris Parsons (Membership), Alan Saitch (Press), Dave Aires, John Brothers, Simon Bayliss, Jason Baggett, Angus Gordon, Matt Plant, Martin Orrill, Phil Scott (Co-opted January)